Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nature Play Spaces Guide review

Nature Play at Home Guide

Nature Play Spaces 

A downloadable guide for creating natural play spaces for children. This is a wonderful guide to help teachers and parents both understand the importance of natural materials and the natural world in the lives of children as well as how to bring nature to children in both big and small spaces. 

In looking through it you learn why it is so important to give children nature play. With diagnoses being given for Nature Deprivation and children surrounded by urban sprawl it is a breath of fresh air that the National Wildlife federation has created this guide. In partnership with the Natural Learning Initiative, a research extension program of the College of Design at NC State University, this guide shows how to create affordable and accessible outdoor play spaces, whether it be a whole back yard, or just an apartment balcony, even small fairy gardens for people with no outdoor space. 

A paragraph from the guide states:
"Every home can become a Nature Play Space for children, whether it is a wooded rural lot, a suburban lawn, or an urban patio or balcony. It doesn’t have to be done all at once, begin with one or two elements and build on it over time. If one idea doesn’t work
in your space, try another. The beauty of Nature Play Spaces is they are flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs."

This guides shows how doable this is. I think every teacher and especially evrey parent should take a look at this guide. Very good information is inside to help.

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