Thursday, May 12, 2016

Nature is needed

My Sweetest Little One

I just read an article titled, "Coming to our 30 senses" by Richard Louv. It is amazing what we have been learning about our bodies through science and technology.

I grew up in the country, with horses, chickens, and dogs. I have an excellent, almost creepy, ability to smell, and I am often aware of things others aren't. My generation was one of the first to be addicted to TV, I grew up "off Grid" meaning no electricity.

In the article Louv sites a study conducted by the military, in which the young men who grew up in the country, or in tough urban neighborhoods could sense bombs off the side of the road better than those children who grew up watching TV and playing Game Boys.

My favorite part of the article was that people can See with their ears, like Bats and Dolphins.

This is really cool stuff, but how it links to children with sensory integration issues is even more profound.

You can read the article here: Coming to our 30 Senses: In an era of sensory dysfunction, are we creating environments in which our children are less alive? And in greater Danger? 

I wish you well,