Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

I am sure if you are in the life of a young child you have read the book goodnight Moon (a million times…) because it is an awesome book. Have you ever gone out to look at the moon, especially with children. They love to look at the moon. I also love to look at the moon and am very aware of its presence throughout the month. Tonight is a Blue Moon.

A Blue Moon is an extra full moon in a season, making a total of four full moons in the season, when normally there are only three. This happens every 3 to 4 years. The moon is so magical, along with the stars that we wish upon; this shinning bright presence in the night sky often gave us human’s different feelings. We have many folk tales and scary stories that use the moon. Many people associate the full moon with crazy behavior, women going into labor, and good or bad luck.

Whether or not the moon has any special power over us, I think that the mere fact that it can affect the waters of our ocean is amazing. I decided to go with this pulling of the tides, this strong pull to something new and make a few changes in my life. I started the other day by writing down what I am grateful for. I wanted to bring some good things into my life, and I thought the best way to do this was to be grateful. I decided that I wanted to focus on being my authentic, creative, and intelligent self. That it is important for me to be who I am and enjoy what I love. Even if that means that some people will not be able to follow along or may even be repulsed.

I started by writing in my journal what I was grateful for, even if it wasn’t part of my life for now, I put it in there. I also put everything in present tense first person. This is all based on books and videos I have read or watched say to do. Honestly in the past when I have tried to image my life, as I want it and to pretend that it was this way it has been a real struggle. How can I pretend that I have unlimited wealth when I can barely pay the bills, how can I pretend that I have a great job that I love when I don’t? This way or this time was different for me, maybe it’s the blue moon, maybe it’s not; but I do know that writing down what I was grateful for in present tense, even if it wasn’t here yet, felt good. I was able to suspend disbelief and just let go, be grateful for having health, wealth, and happiness in my life.

Here is an excerpt from my journal:
I am grateful that I am surrounded by people who love me and that I love, I am grateful that they are supportive and loving of each other as well. I am grateful that I have a career that allows me to use all of my knowledge, creativity, and intelligence on a regular basis to collaboratively create amazing projects. I am grateful that I can share my knowledge and that people are willing to listen to me and help create a better world for teachers and students. I am grateful that I am a vessel of change in the world.

I wrote many different things in my journal that I was grateful for, I even put things down that I didn’t realize were important to me. I am also going to do a vision board (a collage of images and sayings that I want to bring into my life). I hope that this is another step on the road to being my authentic self.

Since doing this I have already made changes to my diet and exercise habits, have contacted a life coach and made a couple of decisions about my career and where I want to take it. All very exciting stuff that I am changing!

I realize that the last two posts were not really in regards to teaching, but that is what happens when you are looking for your authentic self. I know a lot about how I want to teach, and why, but I am still working on being my authentic self professionally. On a personal level I am still finding my authentic self and in the process learning to be that person both professionally and personally. I believe that every little step helps.
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Here’s to a beautiful Blue Moon!
Many Blessings

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