Monday, November 26, 2012

Adventures of Bongo

Little People might live here!

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Kristi. She lived with her Dad, who loved her very much, in a small cabin in the mountains. Kristi had a horse named Bongo and they loved to go for long rides in the woods. One day Kristi packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an apple, and some carrots then she jumped onto Bongo and off they rode into the woods.

As they were riding along on their favorite trail, they heard a sound so they stopped. It sounded like a little voice coming from the bushes.

“Help! Help!” cried a tiny little voice. Kristi got off of Bongo and went to look; she looked all around and found nothing at first. The voice called out again, “Help, I’m over here!”

Kristi finally found a tiny little person that was stuck in an old forgotten jar. “Oh! How did you get in there?” Kristi said as she lifted the little person into her hand.

The little person cried out, “Don’t EAT me!”

Kristi laughed and said, “I don’t eat people, no matter how small they are. My name is Kristi, what is yours?”

“My name is Trillium and my home is far, far away.” Trillium began to cry.

“Don’t cry, maybe we can help you, show us where it is.” Kristi said as she jumped onto Bongo.

“It is down the mountain and on the other side of the river from here.” Trillium pointed in the direction of the creek that was just a small hop for Kristi and Bongo but for someone so small it would be a river. Bongo trotted off in that direction and they soon found Trilliums’ home. Kristi and Bongo could not see any little people for they were all hidden away, but Trillium called out, “It’s okay, I’m home safe now, and Kristi and Bongo have saved me and brought me home!”

All of a sudden little people ran out of their little mushroom and moss houses and started cheering for Kristi and Bongo. They spent the day in celebration, bringing Kristi the tiniest tastiest little cakes, and sweets they could make. Kristi Shared her peanut butter and jelly Sandwich and her apple with the little people and gave the carrots to Bongo. When it was time to go everyone was sad but said that Kristi and Bongo could come back anytime.


This story is one of many stories about Bongo and me that my Dad would tell me every night. Each story would have a new adventure and would include my best friend Raven and her horse. I never asked where my Dad got the name Bongo from but I loved that horse. Bongo was my imaginary horse for many years until I got my own real horse Freckles. 

My Dad and Me!


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