Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Philosophy of Teaching

I am creating a business plan for my business (obviously!!) and wanted to include my teaching philosophy... So because I love when I can maximize my work I decided that I would share it here.
My philosophy of teaching is an ongoing, ever changing development. As I learn more and educate myself I change my views, my teaching methods, and my curriculum to always be teaching with the best practices for teaching young children.
I know children learn best in an organized, active, and interesting environment. I teach through the environment, by labeling where things go, and keeping things in their place. I create a place where children are allowed to touch, and handle what they are learning about. I create a classroom with child-sized furniture, organized in a thoughtful manner to allow the children to move their bodies and be safe. I provide high quality building blocks, art materials, books, and science materials, so that children can learn by doing. I teach both inside and outside; playing outside is an important part of the whole curriculum. Everything we can learn inside can also be learned outside.
I know that a positive learning environment includes the emotional and social feeling too. I work to create an environment where each child is listened to, where they know they can tell their story, and participate in creating our cooperative learning. I mentor children to create classroom rules that keep us safe and promote personal responsibility. I promote cooperation, collaboration, and peaceful conflict resolutions. I make sure that I, and any adults or older children in the classroom, model this behavior as well.
I know that children learn best through play and co-create with the children the curriculum, always including developmentally appropriate reading, writing, and mathematical activities. I know that children can learn through large group, small group, and individual learning activities; so I provide the time and space for each of these modes of learning. I create spaces for children to practice skills that they are learning, as well as support each child to reach for their highest ability.
I spend time explaining to parents the value of allowing free play, as well as the physical and emotional development of their child, so that they can relax and enjoy their children’s childhood. I support parents in knowing that their children will learn to do all the skills necessary when they are truly ready. I know that parents are the most important part of the child’s education and need to learn to be their child’s best and strongest advocate. Parents are the first and most significant teacher.
I believe that being a teacher is one of the most important careers in our society. To teach young children is a challenging and fulfilling career for me. I am a teacher in all that I do; when I am shopping, looking at magazines, or even in the doctors office I find inspiring and interesting things to bring back to the classroom. My teachers mind is always looking for ways to teach. I am a teacher through and through. 

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