Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Visionary schools

Henry Ford stated, ”My idea was then and still is that if a man did his work well, the price he would get for that work would be enough for him to care for himself, and that a business ought to start small and build itself up out of its earnings.” Edited excerpt from Henry Ford: My Life and Work; originally published in 1922 as found in The intelligent Optimist, March/April 2013 Vol. 11 issue 2. (Pg 76-77)

            I whole-heartedly agree!! In fact I have a vision of a private preschool that is made affordable to all because the overhead cost of running the preschool is divided among the students. I envision fair pay for each teacher and low student to teacher ratios; I envision good benefits and the highest quality of learning.

            I believe this is possible and one day I will be a part of creating one. It would work like this: Lets just say for mathematical economics that the overhead is $42,000 per month and we can have up to 70 students. That would be $600 per month at full capacity. Lets say we were just beginning and only had 30 students signed up, that would be $1400 per month per student. We could do fund raising too, but if we just stop looking at turning a profit we might actually get to have an excellent quality school and fair pay for our teachers who would want to stay and could afford to stay.

My only concern is having that many children in one care center. However that is based on 24 per classroom with 3 teachers each; that is one adult per eight children.

Cost is figured by estimating costs of 3 lead teachers @ $4000 per month ($12,000), 6 teacher assistants @ $2500 per month (15000), supplies, other costs, and employee costs $15,000 per month.

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