Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's Official!!

Hours old
I am a Grandma, This is my Sweetest Little One!

It is such a miracle to have been a part of her birth, I am so proud of my daughter. It is amazing how much our bodies know exactly what to do. My Daughter was blessed with a healthy and natural childbirth, her body did all the right things.

1 week old
Last week My daughter was so tired of being pregnant, as often happens in those last few tiring weeks. After her due date passed with nothing going on, she started looking for thing to help her naturally induce labor safely. But it wasn’t until she had her Doctors appointment that she put any into action. She started eating Ginger, and drinking warm Ginger tea. I took her to get acupuncture, she loved this pampering and healing activity. Then after another Doctors appointment she scheduled the labor inducing for Wednesday and that did it. We did acupuncture again, she drank castor oil and asked the doctor to sweep the membranes (this is done by the doctor, to help separate the placenta from the cervix) and then her and her friend loaded up the baby stroller with a lot of heavy things and pushed it around for about an hour. She finally called me in regular and productive labor so we went to the hospital.

Three Generations of women were there to welcome her into the world.
My mom and Daughter

The birth of my Sweetest Little One was on 10/30/12 at 11:12am. She was 7lbs 13.3oz and 21¼ inches long. She has red hair and blue eyes and is so beautiful, we all fell into instant love with her.
Only hours old!

Being a Grandma is one of the best things in the world. I love her as much as my own children. I love her little hands, and perfect little fingernails. I love her little yawns and her little noises. I am so excited for all the fun and games we will get to do, but for know I am enjoying each and every moment of her littleness because I now know how fast children grow. Each tiny little hug, and kiss, each moment of looking into each others eyes and figuring each other out. These moments are so precious, more so than gold or anything material.

I love my Sweetest Little One!

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