Saturday, December 15, 2012

finding peace for the Connecticut tragedy

I have been saddened deeply about the Connecticut tragedy; feeling helpless and fully believing in not giving more negative energy to this tragedy. It is not something you can send money to, and good thoughts and prayers seemed not enough. However Susan Piver of The Open Heart Project did come up with something that helped me. Here is the link to her blog about it.

It is a beautiful and loving actionable practice that comes from a truly open heart.
Here is an excerpt of the Practice:

"Nothing can make this okay. There is no explanation that helps. Blaming lack of gun control, insufficient guns, or inadequate mental health care may be entirely reasonable and valid, but it doesn’t matter. No matter how right you are (or aren’t), it doesn’t change the grief, rage, or numbness.
Using ideas to treat or metabolize feelings doesn’t work.
Then what? I’m afraid that there is not much we can do other than to be absolutely, irredeemably heartbroken. It turns out that this is helpful. Weep, sob, rage. Weep, sob, rage. Every time your mind tries to tell you, “this is because of poor gun control,” or “this world is rotten, terrible and I have to ignore it in order to survive,” and/or “if mental healthcare was better, we could help people before they explode into violence,” please ask it to wait. I’m not saying we shouldn’t act. WE SHOULD. But before we act, we should feel. Allow your heart to break. Let down your guard. There is strange redemption in heartbreak.
Then, in your own way, you could open your heart to the suffering of all who have been directly involved.
Relax your mind and then think:
For all of you children who lost your lives and may now be wandering bereft and confused, I share your suffering with you. In return I offer you my peace. 
Breathe in their suffering. Breathe out your peace.
For all of you parents who lost your children, I share your unspeakable suffering. May I take even the tiniest bit of your sorrow and rage into my own heart to relieve you of it. In return, I send you my strength. 
Breathe in their suffering. Breathe out your strength..."

There is more and I truly believe that doing this will help more right now than anything else. Please go to her blog and do this practice for it is beautiful, let your heart be broken.

From my saddened open heart to those families affected most closely by this tragedy, may my peace and bravery help you.

Blessings from the ashes

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