Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Vision for the Future of Education

Two Best Friends who waited all day to see the bear cubs!

I want to help create a brilliant future for the education of our children.  One where children are accepted for their unique individual selves, allowed the time and space to play, and seen as creative learners. Where the teacher can trust the child, and parents can trust the teachers. Where the curriculum is created by the interests of the children and teachers together, unique each year. Where there is an abundance of creative and interesting toys and games in every classroom, regardless of age. Where every activity is an opportunity to learn a real life skill, where play is accepted as learning, and children and adults have fun and joy.

Where the outdoors is an extension of the classroom, not just time away from learning. Where the classroom is filled with natural items and neutral colors dominate, but not exclusively. Where we reuse, reduce, and recycle as a regular unquestioned practice. Where times of leisure are seen as an important aspect of a well-rounded education and life. Where sports, music, art (both visual and performing), and times of introspect are not only integral to the curriculum but are the core subjects and how we teach writing, reading and math skills. Where daydreaming is encouraged!

Where we accept and celebrate differences, in learning, in color or race, in language, in culture, in ability and in values. Where every family is seen from a place of love and acceptance, and encouraged to fully participate in the education of their child. Where children are encouraged to always perform at their best, whatever that best might be today. Where we can understand that these skills of writing, reading and arithmetic will be learned, and allow time for true understanding of these important skills. Where social skills, compassion, collaboration, and acceptance are the number one objective of every teacher.  Where funding for education is ever abundant because as a society we understand the importance of a good education for all citizens. This is my vision for the future of education.


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