Friday, October 19, 2012

YES on 37!!

I just finished watching Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith and am really fired up. You can watch it free till the end of October HERE. IT WILL MAKE YOU MAD AS HELL!! and if it doesn't then your not paying attention!

I want the GMO SHIT labeled, it is killing us. Anyone who knew me as a child knows that I was fast and fit, I ran everywhere, and I was the fasted person in 6th grade and the fasted Girl in 7th and 8th! I hiked and rodes horses all over all day and was always very active. Basketball, track and horseback riding were my outlet.

Now I am clinically obese and have many health problems that I now see are directly related to GMOs. I literally became this way the year that GMOs came out big. I grew up eating cream of wheat, and now if I eat wheat I get sick, itchy and bloated, have heart burn and feel horrible. When I stopped eating wheat due to allergies I started eating a lot more corn, corn is one of the number one GMO crops and I got sicker.

I know this because I have stopped eating GM food and all the symptoms have stopped, I have lost weight, my skin is clearing up, my hair is filling out, my depression is lifting, I haven't had heart burn or stomach upset in months, my periods are regular. 100% of the symptoms I suffered because of PCOS (polycystic Ovarian Syndrom) are gone, and guess what? 100% of the symptoms of PCOS are the same as seen in the studies of rats and mice.

IF you think GMO's are safe, well fine be blissfully ignorant, Europe and Australia don't even sell GMO's and they are labeled, but not in the US. As a United States citizen we have a right to know, so go and vote YES on 37!!


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