Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blissful Teacher offers classes

I am offering my first education classes. Coming this February I will be teaching locally two classes through Freecycle. These classes are being hosted by Mendocino Baby, and this is where they will be offered.

Here is my Public Service Announcement sent to several local radio stations, this should be read aloud:
“Learn the recipe for play! Come To Mendocino Baby for two unique Mendo Free skool classes. Come on February 12th to learn some fun recipes and potions for play with young children. Then on February 19th for ideas to turn activities like sorting socks into learning math and shopping for food into pre-reading experiences. Hosted by Mendocino Baby in their classroom and starting at 4pm,. Contact Kristi from Blissful Teacher at 707-360-7334. Come have some fun!”

Here is the class information for the Mendo Free Skool Calendar:
Recipes for fun with young children Tues. Feb. 12th 
Parents will learn how to use everyday ingredients to create easy and fun recipes, potions, goos and goops! Make like a Preschool Teacher and make your own, will also have some recipes for gluten free options. See you at Mendocino Baby!

Making Learning Fun at home Tues Feb. 19th 
Everyday we are doing chores and typical life goes by while our children are watching. Use these activities to encourage math and literacy skills in your children. When you sort socks into size and color talk about it with your children and they will learn color names, counting, mathematical thinking, and critical thinking skills. Come to this class and learn other ways to make every moment a teachable moment.

I am very excited for this opportunity to practice sharing my skills with our community. I hope that lots of parents, homeschooling teachers and preschool teachers come and see what I am offering in these classes. It will be fun and educational.


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