Monday, January 7, 2013

Rock Stars

Preschool teachers are Rock Stars! We are, we know cool recipes to make play dough and paint, can plant things, create interest centers in a few minutes; we decorate our walls with cute and professional documentation that is both attractive and educational all while juggling theoretic knowledge and Developmentally appropriate practice.

Talk to any Preschool teacher and most have gone to more college, workshops and classes than most people; We have a better understanding of how children actually learn and can control 12 to 24 children under the age of 5. Now that is a Skill not to be taken lightly. So why do we, with all the love of our job, and all the understanding of how important it is, still allow it to be minimized. The funding for early education is one of the smallest of budgets, pay is anywhere from $9 to $18 and hour. This means that the cashier at Costco is making more money than a preschool teacher.

Preschool teachers come to their job with extensive training and passion for the work involved. They love to learn new activities, new therories, new educational methods. This is not an entry level position, and why when so many parents are literally fighting to get their children into great preschools are we not working harder to make all preschools great.

Remember to thank your preschool teacher! Your preschool teacher is a Rock Star and puts a lot of thought into what “PLAY” your children will learn from today.


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